Lab Members

Elim HONG.jpg

Elim Hong, PhD., HDR

Principal Investigator

I was born in South Korea, did my PhD and post-doctoral research in the United  States and started my lab in France in 2016. I love reading, food, traveling and the arts, which I try to incorporate into my research (some better than others). The reason why I do science is to understand why I am.

Erika Bullier, MSc.

Erika Bullier.jpg

Lab Manager

Assistant Ingenieur

I was born and live in Normandy but my heart  belongs to Brittany. I worked since 2005 in Neuroscience in Paris after I obtained a Master's degree in physiology of plant. I love baking and diving (but only in warm water).
I started science to understand how nephentes could have indigestion….and now I focus on the impact of nicotine during synaptogenesis.

Jean-Pierre Coutanceau


Assistant Ingenieur


Dania Jundi, MSc.


PhD candidate


Maroun Abi Younes.jpg

Maroun Abi Younes, MSc.

PhD candidate

Born and raised in Lebanon. I’ve always been interested in knowing more about the brain and how the nervous system processes thoughts, emotions and behavior. In 2019, I moved to Paris to start my PhD in neuroscience!

Soumaiya IMARRAINE.png

Soumaiya Imarraine, MSc.

PhD candidate

I have lived and studied in Paris region for the most part, with internships in UK and the US. I am really interested in Neuroscience in itself, and how it is seen by and incorporated into other disciplines.

Nicole Ortiz

M2 student