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Jean-Pierre Coutanceau

Assistant Ingenieur


Studies :

Graduated from Compiègne University of Technology


Professionnal career :

Private laboratory of medical analyzes then in 1991 my entry to the CNRS.

I successively worked in two research teams whose themes were: bacterial mutagenesis and fish cytogenetics. In October 2018, I joined UMR Neurosciences 8246 CNRS (Elim Hong team) as CNRS Assistant Engineer.



Publications :  22 articles and 2 books. Congress: 23.


NON CNRS (entomology) :

Publications :  69 articles and 4 books. Congress: 11.


I love :

Entomology (ladybugs), gardening (rockeries and old roses), DIY (restoration of the house of my great grandparents which is almost 200 years old), hiking (mountain), photography (animals, plants, landscapes), reading (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Christian Signol), music (Loreena McKennitt), cinema (Marcel Pagnol), linguistics (regional languages), painting (impressionism), gastronomy (cheeses and regional cuisine of France).

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