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Sonification of Neural Activity

Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 14.42.13.png

Artwork inspired by Neural Activity

Collaboration with H. Genevois

(Musicology Dept. Sorbonne Université)


Collaboration with A. Hamblin

(Seattle, Washington)

The Emotional Reins


This collaboration is a physical interpretation of the spontaneous neuronal activity in a zebrafish brain (habenula).

The different shapes and colors of 'cells' depict different types of activity within the neuronal populations. The artwork was constructed using mainly recycled materials including copper wire, plexiglass, wood, paint and gold leafing.

This piece was exhibited at the Sorbonne University during the "Arts and Science Festival", in 2021. It has been donated to the Institute de Biologie Paris Seine (IBPS) located at the Sorbonne University, and is displayed in the auditorium.

We have developed an interactive software to sonify  neuronal activity measured by calcium imaging. This approach allowing us to simultaneously hear and see the activity of neurons enables us to verify the correct approach in processing calcium imaging datasets. 

Besides, who doesn't want to 'hear' how zebrafish think? 

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